Thursday, March 22, 2012


We didn't go to Bahamas, we just took these photos in Bahamas STREET. hahaha. I just wanna share some of my new 'babies'...

Palazzo Pants: Apartment in The RAMP Crossings

Sorry for the weird looking face in the photos. Eyes got irritated by sunlight..
Here they are:

Necklaces: Bubbles (Simone and Bagie)

Alligator gold cuff: Bubbles| Wedge: Toxic in The RAMP Crossings

 Plain becomes "bongga!" when I wear these accessories. 

Trying out a walking shot which didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it. FAIL! Well that's my  extremely happy face! hahaha.
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PHOTOS by: Akeem Cabarron

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 2-our brother Kenn Dizon's birhthday!
We already had midnight plans, March 1 chill out then by 12mn we'll surprise him with the cake and balloons. But it failed.
Then we thought of having breakfast, sad truth 'I' didn't wake up early... (yes, it was my fault..hahaha!)
So we then planned a dinner surprise! Not one of us greeted him the whole day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


For these past days I've been posting photos of our HK Disneyland trip, you can't blame me!! Even Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy Can't get enough of their experience there! hahaha. It's just a superdupermegaduper FUN place to be!
I'm glad we rented this stroller.. or else Ethan would be running all over the place!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wasn't a big fan of the movie Lion King when I was still a kid 'coz I thought it was suited for boys only. I didn't find Lions fun at all! But of all the shows we watched at Disneyland, this one... I would say, is the BEST. It was a great production from costumes, lights, venue, sounds, artists, etc..everything and everyone in it is amazing...


That feeling when you want to be in t-shirt and jeans for the day but still let something from you stand out? Definitely that's what I felt last friday night..hahaha. But what made the difference? I present to you my single earring from Maris!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Welcome to Disneyland!
I acted like a kid when I first stepped  into the place! waaah! I wanna shout "I'M IN HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!!!" hahaha.. It's been my long time dream, and one of these days I'll go back! for sure..with my parents and Ethan of course.
First thing we did was to take pictures of this amazing fountain with Mickey Mouse surfing on top. Yeah, we didn't have our umbrella with us, but who cares?? We'll have fun even if it's raining!! hahaha.
Upon entering the park, Akeem and I:"Gutom na akoooo..." (I'm Hungry!) So we then headed for lunch at a really cool place, STARLINER DINER located at TOMORROWLAND. We ate Beef burger, fries and fanta softdrinks for 70 HKD.
Our first ride was ASTRO BLASTERS, still in TOMORROWLAND! I thought Ethan was gonna have fun since the theme was Buzz Lightyear, but then he almost cried because the place was dark and we were shooting aliens inside.hahaha.

MTR going to Disneyland

Easier ticketing system..
Hong Kong MTR stations are clean and not too crowded. Can't we have it like that here in the Philippines?? Hello?! We pay our taxes! Where'd they go? hmm..



Saturday, March 10, 2012


As the leader of the pack, I had to be calm, organized and smart enough to think of the next step we were going to make. Maps, travel guides, airport tips, MTR routes, tourist spots, all the brochures we'd see, I  just had to get one! (unfortunately, I even got those that were written in Chinese! hahaha
We're like aliens! But the excitement's all over!!.. 
We're so clueless, so we just took a cab going to our Hotel. Although it was a bad idea so as to save money, it's the safest way we know plus we have luggage and Ethan of course, the heavy baby boy!<3
Photos: Tsing Ma Bridge (the world's longest span suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic) | The hotel's fountain welcoming us! 
Oh! and by the way, the temperature when we arrived was 14 degrees Celcius.


Our Hong Kong flight was scheduled in the afternoon at around past 4:00pm so we still had lots of time to pack our stuff and prepare ourselves. It was my first out of the country trip so I really didn't have any idea on how the process would be once we're at the airport. Good thing I got a few tips from my Mom and Dad, and my friends who have also been to Hong Kong recently. 
My role expanded, The mother role on top of it all plus the whole money handling and trip organization also was my job. whew! First test was at the airport. Checking in, payment for the travel tax, excess baggage and terminal fee, immigration papers, attending to Ethan's needs, even akeem's!! hahaha. ('Ano ako, yaya?hahaha')
(ETHAN's OUTFIT) Polo: Chaps| Pants: Old Navy| Belt: Oshkosh| Socks: Puma| Shoes: Nike

'coz ETHAN got swag!:)

Walking around CENTRAL

So I'm back! Pretty sure I'd be posting Hong Kong pictures and telling stories about my whole experience there. 
First, I wanna share how happy I was when my online orders came the day before we left for Hong Kong!!! hahaha. Good timing isn't it? I was able to bring them there and flaunt it somehow. hahahaha.
Day 2 of our escapade-we tried visiting the Central area of Hong Kong, which I'd say is a total busy place. Inspired by one of the parks we were able to pass by, I started feeling like I belong there. hahaha.

Fur coat: borrowed from a friend| Shorts: Pre-loved by Louise| Leggings: Terranova| Boots: Payless

Monday, February 27, 2012

Midnight Blue

Got my very first detachable collar from Miss Sartorial, and it was a hard decision on what type and color I was really going to purchase. I ordered it together with a blogger friend, Vina Yabut and she got the LACE/NUDE SPORT COLLAR.  


Meet and greet Mulan and Pocahontas, LIVE in the Philippines!!! hahaha.
LOUISE| Dress: Lu Liam| Necklace: Lu Liam| Earrings: Lu Liam

Brighter than before!

I've already posted a look before wearing the same top, but I like this one waaaaybetter than that. Entitled it BRIGHTER because I matched it with a bright yellow skirt and a cute headband with a yellow bow.
Top: Black Poppy| Skirt: Copper

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everybody in LOVE, go put your hands up...

When I say I love you..I mean It.
To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven. /Karen Sunde
We met when I was about 16 and he's 14, High School (where most first crushes and first loves start..) and YES! It hurts to say  this, but I was the one who made the first movehahaha!

RED is a MUST on a HEART's DAY!

I think the red color is always incorporated with Valentine's day or anything related to love since it's the color of our heart. Agree? Love was all over the internet yesterday, especially Facebookhaha! I know how special this day truly is to most people, because for once a year, we get to express our true feelings for that ONE special person we love. Although we can do so any day and any time of the year, February 14 just makes every person's love life more meaningful and extraordinary. Well for me, of course I still had to go to work before I go on celebrating.
Here's what I wore:


Went out to meet with Lu Liam shop owner on a Wednesday night wearing this:
Top: Baclaran| Leggings: NY Square