Saturday, March 10, 2012


Our Hong Kong flight was scheduled in the afternoon at around past 4:00pm so we still had lots of time to pack our stuff and prepare ourselves. It was my first out of the country trip so I really didn't have any idea on how the process would be once we're at the airport. Good thing I got a few tips from my Mom and Dad, and my friends who have also been to Hong Kong recently. 
My role expanded, The mother role on top of it all plus the whole money handling and trip organization also was my job. whew! First test was at the airport. Checking in, payment for the travel tax, excess baggage and terminal fee, immigration papers, attending to Ethan's needs, even akeem's!! hahaha. ('Ano ako, yaya?hahaha')
(ETHAN's OUTFIT) Polo: Chaps| Pants: Old Navy| Belt: Oshkosh| Socks: Puma| Shoes: Nike
[Clockwise: Ethan trying to look innocent in front of the cameraPlaying around the entrance sign while mommy was in line for travel tax payment (take note: Ethan had an exemption note but still had to pay 200php ''I THOUGHT HE WAS EXEMPTED? hahaha'')Akeem placed him there so he'd somehow behave and stay in one place 'coz he really wanted to run around the airport!]
[Clockwise: Akeem's role as Daddy, letting Ethan drink water and spilling it all over his polo..hahaha| I was too tired from standing so I had to fill up the immigration papers like this| Ethan munching on NIPS! The perfect bribe we could offer him!]
After the long process, sitting at the boarding area gave me a relief! another whew! At last! We're gonna experience something new, we're gonna visit a new place, we're gonna visit Hong Kong! (So much stuff running in my head while waiting..) 
...Stay tuned for more updates about our HK trip! I still have lots of stories to tell! xoxoxo

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