Thursday, March 15, 2012


For these past days I've been posting photos of our HK Disneyland trip, you can't blame me!! Even Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy Can't get enough of their experience there! hahaha. It's just a superdupermegaduper FUN place to be!
I'm glad we rented this stroller.. or else Ethan would be running all over the place!
Akeem's shot of Sleeping beauty's castle (night time):
My shot:
Mine's a little grainy and blurred, but it has more color. You judge, which one's better? hmm..
By the way, we stayed there until 8pm to wait for the fireworks, unfortunately it was too cloudy for us to appreciate it so they cancelled it.. SAD, but it was okay. We already had fun with the place too much anyway..hihihi
Ethan's serious/fierce look pose! hahaha
Our only Family Picture in the Disneyland
Picture taking while waiting for the ''choo-choo train!'' hahaha. Good thing I brought these sandals (Nine West). My feet got sore after all the walking! 
Goodbye Hong Kong Disneyland, we'll visit again soon..:) We'll have a 2-day tour next time! xoxoxo


  1. hello there! Blogwalking! :) Care to follow each other? :)

    PS: You look you guys had fun in HK :) and btw, you're gorgeous :)

    1. oh Hi! I saw your blog..:) lovely curls!!<3 And yes we did have fun in HK..:)

      you can also visit my other blog thanks for dropping by!:)

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