Sunday, March 11, 2012


Welcome to Disneyland!
I acted like a kid when I first stepped  into the place! waaah! I wanna shout "I'M IN HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!!!" hahaha.. It's been my long time dream, and one of these days I'll go back! for sure..with my parents and Ethan of course.
First thing we did was to take pictures of this amazing fountain with Mickey Mouse surfing on top. Yeah, we didn't have our umbrella with us, but who cares?? We'll have fun even if it's raining!! hahaha.
Upon entering the park, Akeem and I:"Gutom na akoooo..." (I'm Hungry!) So we then headed for lunch at a really cool place, STARLINER DINER located at TOMORROWLAND. We ate Beef burger, fries and fanta softdrinks for 70 HKD.
Our first ride was ASTRO BLASTERS, still in TOMORROWLAND! I thought Ethan was gonna have fun since the theme was Buzz Lightyear, but then he almost cried because the place was dark and we were shooting aliens inside.hahaha.
Next stop-AUTOPIA. It was a a nice feeling knowing that I used to be a 'bump car' addict when I was younger. For south peeps here in the Manila, you'd get me when I say X-site is the place to be! hahaha. Although in this ride, bumping was not allowed, the controls were just the same and since the arena's much bigger plus the fact that it's outdoor, I really enjoyed it more!
A compilation of the best Disney movies.
Toy Story
Lilo and Stitch| Little Mermaid| Beauty and the Beast
This was the highlight of Ethan's Disneyland experience, he enjoyed seeing the disney characters especially Mickey, Woody, Buzz and Stitch! The best part was, he kept on waving his hand as if he's part of the parade. He was waving at the characters and the dancers non-stop!! Two chinese women beside us were laughing all the time whenever they hear Ethan say "elooooo!!...'' hahaha.
MICKEY MOUSE-The star of the show!
Disney characters dancing to the beat of the Flights of Fantasy theme song. awww.. The best feeling!!! I guess everyone who's watching the parade felt like a kid also, I can even remember the beat of the song right now. hahaha. 
...More Disneyland pictures will be posted! xoxoxo


  1. day soon i'll bring my wife and childrens to DHK too..

    1. I actually wanna go back soon!:) It's such a fun place!.. bring them, I know you'll enjoy it too..:)

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.