Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do It Yourself

I used to go to salons for my hair to be colored, but then I find it a little expensive if compared with buying a box of hair color from the mall or a grocery store and have it applied on your own. If you’ve read my post last year about ‘my own hair make over’ then you’d know how I did it, you can read it again here
So two of my friends trusted me to color their hair as well! Well I won’t be confident about it if I haven’t done it a couple of times already, because ever since my blog post about my hair color last November, I have colored my hair again TWICE! hahaha. 

Product we used? Revlon of course.
 Preparations? Shampoo hair, AND I ADVICE NOT TO USE CONDITIONER. (it decreases the ability of the hair colorant to fully penetrate the hair) Then let it dry.

It says here "Do not shampoo immediately before colouring. If hair is very soiled or has heavy buildup of styling aids, shampoo 24 hours before application." Well it depends on what you prefer, but for me, if you shampoo your hair 24 hours prior to coloring, then by the time you're going to apply it, your hair has already accumulated oil (which is natural). Again, this might decrease the ability of the colorant to penetrate the hair.
Click here for the complete safety instructions on applying Revlon Colorsilk.

I have already colored the hair of this first friend of mine last December, but hair just grows fast, and we can notice a dark line of hair by her scalp already so she decided to have it colored, not just the roots but the full length of her hair. 
It was easier for the hair color to be noticed on her since her base is lighter than her natural hair color already. So I can say, If you want your hair color to be more vibrant and noticeable, leave it on for more than 40 minutes (for dark hair).

A photo of her taken WITHOUT flash

A photo of her taken WITH flash

THUMBS UP for Revlon!
Got a happy customer here!! hahaha.
I have been using this product brand for quite some time now, and I can testify that it really brought out the best in my hair. I admit that I don't have a perfect hair, it gets frizzy at times, but just seeing how vibrant my hair color is, makes me appreciate my hair more than ever. 
Okay, so on to my next 'customer'. hahaha. This friend of mine has/had colored her hair for a few times already, while also trying out different hair styles. But recently, she was aiming for a look like Blake Lively:

It's like Red+Orange combined like fire. But then my friend chose a hair color closer to red, REVLON COLORSILK BRIGHT AUBURN. The process was a little harder compared to the first one since her base hair color is darker, almost black because it has been a long time since she last colored her hair. 

A photo of her taken WITHOUT flash

A photo of her taken WITH flash

Although we were not able to fully achieve the color she wanted, she was still happy 'coz look at her hair, IT'S REEEED!!! Who wouldn't love a red-hair chic?
THUMBS UP for Revlon again!
And one more thing, REVLON COLORSILK has the best after-color conditioner!It just makes your hair super soft and shiny, so you don't have to worry about having a hot oil or hair spa after.
And there they are, the HAPPY GIRLS with their new hair color! 

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