Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HEART OF GOLD (blogged)

Okay, these pictures have been in my laptop for quite some time now and I forgot to blog about them! These photos were taken two weeks ago! hahaha. How can I forget blogging about this nice dress???

I really like the color of the skirt part of this dress, eye catching! And the GOLDEN HEART, just makes it stand out more. I wore this during the inauguration of Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop also, click here to read more about my post.
Dress: Petit Monde| Belt: Terranova

Assorted Bracelets: My Mom's property!

Shoes: Janeo 

Unfotunately, Lookbook.nu removed my post with this dress, I didn't know that one should upload up to 3 photos per set only, I uploaded 4 photos. teehee!
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From Akeem Cabarron: Hey! CHECK THIS OUT!  I'm selling these neat ballers for *wait for it* 100! that's right! :D 100 pesos!

message me in Facebook and we can meet up along
De La Salle Taft or SM Bicutan! :) what are you waiting? for?! BUY NOW! :)

You can also leave a message at akeemcabarron.tumblr.com

Monday, January 30, 2012

Shot by: Louise Laqui louiselaqui.tumblr.com

Crop and Wear!

In a hurry? Friends called up all of a sudden to hang out and you've got only a few minutes to prepare yourself? You don't have to worry about dressing up, it's as easy as 1,2,3! Here's one look I'd suggest if you're going out casually, maybe hit the mall, grab a coffee or if you're just gonna chill out somewhere

Simple denim shorts will do, pair it with a top (shirt/blouse) that would make you look simple yet stylish and will make you stand out. Cropped tops are so easy to pair with denims, either in pants or shorts since they most of the time compliment each other. And of course HEELS are important, they're like style savers! hahaha.
Cropped Top:  Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop | Clogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

The best thing to do also is accessorize, nothing beats good stuff such as bangles and necklaces.
Necklace:  Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop | Arm Cuff: THE RAMP
Hippie headband: Peacocks
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I'm not a big fan of pink stuff, I think it's too girly for me although I did like it when I was younger, who didn't? I bet almost all moms painted their daughter's rooms pink and accessorized it with pink bed sheets, pink stuffed toys, pinkEVERYTHING! My mom almost did! (besides putting Hello Kitty stuff all over, which I didn't adore..hahaha) I did love Barbie though, you can throw away all my other toys just leave me and my Barbie stuff together. You'd even see me playing alone with them, building them their house then talking and making dialogues for each Barbie. Crazy things I did when I was still a kid! hahaha.

For this look, my inspiration in styling myself was obviously Barbie. 

Pink Dress: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop| Shoes: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Pearl Necklace: SM Accessories

Pouch: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop
grrrr! PINK-ness all over. I hope it doesn't annoy you while reading this post. 
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can't Stop Staring at My Little Boy

Look at how curious one kid can be, he even saw the ants crawling in the grass, as in literally they're under the grass already and Ethan was like "WOOOOOW!" hahaha. Cutest thing ever!!!:3

At a young age, he already knows how to project in front of the camera, good job son! 

He's a total carbon copy of his Dad, so I'm beginning to have doubts that he's really my son. hahaha. I think, AKEEM was the one who gave birth to Ethan, I feel left out when the three of us are together. His eyes, nose, lips..Almost ALL of his attrubutes came from his Dad!!! What he got from me? shape of his fingernails and toenailshahaha. 

By the way, the dog's name is STITCH, he's mine (I think..) I gave him his name and he used to sleep in my bed. Take note, "he used to.." but now of course he can't anymore because we have Ethan with us, he can't even enter my room. (awww..)

My Favorite Color is Orange

For those who have been reading my blog posts, you may notice that I've been hitting Hippie/Boho fashion lately. I can't understand why I love it, but it just feels so good when I dress like one, I just pray that I'd be able to collect more boho style clothes. Well my favorite color really is orange and colors of boho style's close to neutrals, like browns. Orange is close enough to belong with same family though, maybe that's why it attracts me so much. hahaha. (rationalizing..) It wasn't a valid explanation, I know.

Again, this dress I'm wearing is from Lu Liam Online fashion Shop. They have it in two colors, the other one's pink, of course I chose to wear this one 'coz orange is lovehahaha. Here's a direct link to the album's photo click here!

Accessories that I'm wearing this time are my own.
Gold Bangle: Vintage| Bangles: Lu Liam| Necklace: Terranova| Arm Cuff: THE RAMP

Black Suede Clogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

My Headband never gets out of use! got it from PEACOCKS. 
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I guess this is already a good time to blog about the new collection of Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop. One thing why I really put an effort about advertising this online shop is that because I also did a lot of job besides modelling their clothes. But what I liked about my work there is that I felt like I became a stylist for a day. Yeah! We styled our own, grabbing clothes here and there, then shoes, then accessories and a bag then that's the time we had our photo taken. I was also able to style my co-models who had trouble in choosing the right stuff. hahaha. It wasn't easy, especially when you're in front of so many clothes and you have to find a way to somehow mix and match them ALL.  

All the stuff I'm wearing in this photo are from Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop except for the denim shorts. For the direct link to the album's photo, click here!

See the bangles with a feather on it? Lovely isn't it? I already got one! hahaha. 
It may look like an ordinary casual outfit, but accessorizing it with those earrings and necklace made it classy, plus the pink shoesies.
 Please buy those earrings or else I will! I have great love for earrings, especially big ones and if only they allowed me to have this one, I wouldn't say no of course! hahaha.
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New Home!

So I didn't realize I've been blogging for a couple of months now, 2 and a half perhaps? I'd say it's not easy to come up with ideas from time to time to be posted, but sometimes, there are just too many of them I don't know how to start writing it down. Just so everyone knows, the blogger who inspires me the most isCamille Co, who wouldn't be? She has everything a blogger needs to come up with a good blog! Her outfit shots, great face, great hair, she gets to travel and shop anywhere, she just knows how to make every blog post work. 
I asked her once: 

I agree with you there Camille! "INVEST TIME and EFFORT", for a busy person like her who still gets to write great posts is completely awesome. That's one thing I really admire about her and all bloggers out there, 'coz they make sure their blog posts are always updated. Thank you for this reply to my tweet, it allowed me to see your hard work and made me realize that I still have to invest more and more and more time and effort with my blog. xoxoxo
So for a NEW HOME, I just created a new blog itsmehazelperalta.blogspot.com!
 It's great news for me, but a challenge as well, maintaining two blogs. That's all for now! xoxoxo

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lu Liam (Official Facebook Page)

Check out the official Facebook page of Lu Liam here!

Photo shot by: Akeem Cabarron akeemcabarron.tumblr.com

My Love






One of my fashion inspiration is 'Taylor Swift', especially when she dresses boho or bohemian-like. Yep! suits her music and her curls even her attitude, well I've been eye-ing on doing the same curls she has, but my hair hasn't grown that long enough. Another look she did that I really loved was when she wore those nerdy glasses at the 'Love Story' music video, well you that  can't erase the fact that she really has a pretty face so she still won't look geeky there. 

After the Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop photoshoot, the owner of the shop decided to treat us dinner and MILK TEA (just one of my favorites!!hahaha) which happens to be near the studio only, thank God! So for that night my peg was of course, Taylor's nerdy glasses!  

Top: Cosmopolitan Clothing (THE RAMP)| Leggings: NY Square| Necklace: Terranova

Glasses: Ray-Ban| Bangle: Vintage

My co-model's peg was 'cutesy-girl-turned-chinese' hahaha! I actually look like Japanese here, agree? KAWAIIII!! Photoshoot was a success so we had huge smiles when we were packing up. So excited with the launch!!! 
I love playing around with photos, editing them gives meaning and drama, not that I want everything to be dramatic, but it gives more LIFE to it! 

I've been dying to see the official wedding video of my cousin wherein this was the background music. For now I'll just be posting this. <3

Times when you feel crazy and look crazy but don't care at all..


How great would it feel when you've got a lot of friends? But friendship isn't measured by quantity, it's by quality. I'd say that although I was able to meet a lot of people during college, only a few are whom I consider true, only a few stayed to be part of my life. I'm glad about it, because I know these people are for keeps. 
"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice."- Samuel Johnston

1.14.12 was our ultimate get together night since we hardly see each other because of work. (technically they're the only one's employed hahaha) Of course where else would we meet besides MOA? It's our favorite hang out place when we were still in college.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked. - Erich Segal

Me and these two ladies have been in the same class since our first year but it was not later until we were third years when we realized that our bond is becoming stronger. These girls have known my darkest, deepest secrets way back then. Yep! They knew I was pregnant and never said a word to the school officials.hahaha. That's loyalty and being true to a promise, that's why I sincerely love these girls!!<3
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. -E. M. Forster

I just wanna share what we ate, Chicken from BONCHON! yummy!

It was a fun-filled night, catching up and the gossips never ran out! hahaha. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, well we agreed we'd see each other at least once a month. Gosh! making this post and thinking about them made me miss them even more. hahaha.

Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to persevere in the road to a happier life. - Pythagoras (582BC-507BC)

In Between Takes

It's great to have friends who love to have a lot of fun just like me! hahaha. Here's a photo set where we were caught off guard. WARNING! I look like crap in one of the photos, but I'll accept you laughing this time.

Again, official launch of the new collection of the Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop will be soon! Limited stocks and very unique finds!! So I'll keep you posted..xoxoxo

A photo I took.. Hippie vibes all over!!<3 
Model: Louise Laqui http://louiselaqui.tumblr.com/


Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop has a new collection for the year 2012!
From clothes, accessories,bags and even shoes. Shopping made easier! So watch out for the official announcement and launch of the collection. I'm so excited about this since I already saw some of the clothes, I know online shoppers will love the collection also!!<3

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lu.liam.dolshop

Call It Bohemian

So it's been a long time since I last updated my blog and this post has been in my drafts for a week but I always forget to publish it. hahaha. Yes I became a 'little' busy with stuff, and you'll soon find out what I've been doing for past days. 
Me and my College friends were able to set a Saturday night out at last! We haven't seen each other for almost a year, so we decided to have dinner and chill at our ever favorite place in the world, Mall of Asia. hahaha. (It's where we used to hang out when we were still College..)
What I wore:

Scarf: Copper| Pants: Apartment (THE RAMP)

Rings and Bracelet: Wellmanson| Gold Bangle: Vintage| Bag: Celine

Headband: Peacocks
Of course I won't be able to wear my sunnies at night, so I accessorized my hair part using this headband which I always bring wherever I go! It's just an outfit enhancer, because it gives that certain look that'll make you stand out from the crowd. I'm just diggin' the Hippie style lately, I don't know why. hahaha.
The night out with my College lovies was a blast! Catching up and 'chismis' to the max!! hahaha. Oh I can't wait to see them again, and for the record, we agreed to meet once a month so we won't be missin' out a lot on each other.