Saturday, March 10, 2012


As the leader of the pack, I had to be calm, organized and smart enough to think of the next step we were going to make. Maps, travel guides, airport tips, MTR routes, tourist spots, all the brochures we'd see, I  just had to get one! (unfortunately, I even got those that were written in Chinese! hahaha
We're like aliens! But the excitement's all over!!.. 
We're so clueless, so we just took a cab going to our Hotel. Although it was a bad idea so as to save money, it's the safest way we know plus we have luggage and Ethan of course, the heavy baby boy!<3
Photos: Tsing Ma Bridge (the world's longest span suspension bridge carrying both road and rail traffic) | The hotel's fountain welcoming us! 
Oh! and by the way, the temperature when we arrived was 14 degrees Celcius.
I was the one who chose this hotel, reasons?
One, it's near the airport. Two, it's near Disneyland! Three, It's away from the city, so less people. Four, interior design's awesome. And last, it's cheaper compared to other hotels. Hey! We're talking about a four-star hotel here... 
Photos: Front desk and reception | Hallway on the 11th floor
Atleast the front desk people were fluent in English, so that's a plus point to the hotel. Place is clean, and even smells great! Although some of the employees were a bit snob, and strict-looking, I believe that's just how they are as Chinese people. ('good vibes nalang'..hahaha)
Elevator wackiness!! 
Yeah! this is our hotel room! It's huge already for the three of us so I even requested a baby cot for Ethan to make use of the space. hahaha.
Over all, the place is perfect! I'd recommend this hotel if ever you have plans on going to Hong Kong and your reasons are somewhat similar to mine in choosing a hotel to stay in. Just click here to view complete details.

I'll be posting more hotel pics soon...xoxoxo 

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  1. Hi Hazel. I just want to ask if is it hard to transport from the hotel to the tourist spots in hongkong? i also wanted to stay at royal view because of the low rate. and also, is it easy to sneak in because we are 3 adults and 1 kid.