Monday, February 27, 2012

Midnight Blue

Got my very first detachable collar from Miss Sartorial, and it was a hard decision on what type and color I was really going to purchase. I ordered it together with a blogger friend, Vina Yabut and she got the LACE/NUDE SPORT COLLAR.  


Meet and greet Mulan and Pocahontas, LIVE in the Philippines!!! hahaha.
LOUISE| Dress: Lu Liam| Necklace: Lu Liam| Earrings: Lu Liam

Brighter than before!

I've already posted a look before wearing the same top, but I like this one waaaaybetter than that. Entitled it BRIGHTER because I matched it with a bright yellow skirt and a cute headband with a yellow bow.
Top: Black Poppy| Skirt: Copper

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Everybody in LOVE, go put your hands up...

When I say I love you..I mean It.
To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven. /Karen Sunde
We met when I was about 16 and he's 14, High School (where most first crushes and first loves start..) and YES! It hurts to say  this, but I was the one who made the first movehahaha!

RED is a MUST on a HEART's DAY!

I think the red color is always incorporated with Valentine's day or anything related to love since it's the color of our heart. Agree? Love was all over the internet yesterday, especially Facebookhaha! I know how special this day truly is to most people, because for once a year, we get to express our true feelings for that ONE special person we love. Although we can do so any day and any time of the year, February 14 just makes every person's love life more meaningful and extraordinary. Well for me, of course I still had to go to work before I go on celebrating.
Here's what I wore:


Went out to meet with Lu Liam shop owner on a Wednesday night wearing this:
Top: Baclaran| Leggings: NY Square

Monday, February 13, 2012


Since it's Valentine's day, I think everyone would be posting cheesy stuff online, so just give me this moment to be one of them. hahaha. 
Boxed memories:
Chocolate wrappers and small gifts he gave me which I kept..
My favorite chocolate ever, OLD GOLD Dark Chocolate!<3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012


I know it's not much compared to other bloggers, so bare with me and I'll try my best to make it up to all my readers. I'm happy that for the past three months of my existence, I believe, I have achieved something. So thank you to my readers..With all my love, I am giving these items to ONE OF YOU! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


What should I wear on a Sunday, going to church? Something modest and simple but still has an extra ‘oomph!’ hahaha.

Square pants: from Hongkong| Cardigan: Blanc Noir

Necklace: Terranova

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Do It Yourself

I used to go to salons for my hair to be colored, but then I find it a little expensive if compared with buying a box of hair color from the mall or a grocery store and have it applied on your own. If you’ve read my post last year about ‘my own hair make over’ then you’d know how I did it, you can read it again here
So two of my friends trusted me to color their hair as well! Well I won’t be confident about it if I haven’t done it a couple of times already, because ever since my blog post about my hair color last November, I have colored my hair again TWICE! hahaha. 

Product we used? Revlon of course.
 Preparations? Shampoo hair, AND I ADVICE NOT TO USE CONDITIONER. (it decreases the ability of the hair colorant to fully penetrate the hair) Then let it dry.

It says here "Do not shampoo immediately before colouring. If hair is very soiled or has heavy buildup of styling aids, shampoo 24 hours before application." Well it depends on what you prefer, but for me, if you shampoo your hair 24 hours prior to coloring, then by the time you're going to apply it, your hair has already accumulated oil (which is natural). Again, this might decrease the ability of the colorant to penetrate the hair.
Click here for the complete safety instructions on applying Revlon Colorsilk.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Walking By

One of my ''wildest dreams'' is become a part of the Philippine Fashion Week, well I know it can't happen because I lack in height so I'll just express my walking skills through this photo. hahaha. (Imagining the studio's a runway...)

Jumpsuit: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop| Clogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Jumpsuit: Lu Liam Online Fashion ShopClogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Promise

I promised my friend Tin that I'll post something about her, and since I love her style also, I decided to take outfit shots of her and blog all about it. Well one thing I really admire about her is that in anything she puts on, she'd look stunningly beautiful!
She used to be shy and quiet way back then, I dunno what college life made her do,maybe she realized she has to "come out of her shell?'', because now you can't stop her from talking! hahaha. 
Tin's a great friend! She's fun and quirky! But she's true..I can say.
Here's what she wore on our Friday night road+food trip:

Hat: from Thailand| Top: Topshop


Going out with my friends became a habit already, well we just can't help it! A day without them is so quiet and incomplete, good thing they came over my place to have their hairs coloured. hahaha. (A reason to see them again..)

Top: Copper| Flats: Solemate
I'll blog about the whole hair coloring thing tomorrow, I promise!


Here's how Ethan goes banana over Sunny Days Snack Bars:

Munch! Munch! Even Akeem and I love its taste, so we can't blame our son if he can't stop eating it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My friends and I went to a road trip on a Friday afternoon, well it was to help out on our friend's business mainly. Neutral shades was my peg for that night, here's what I wore:

Hat: from Thailand| Top: from Hongkong| Shorts: Copper| Bag: Peacocks| Flats: Solemate

Friday, February 3, 2012


These are some of the yummiest foods I ever had, and take note I just had them yesterday. Banana muffin with chocolte chips and brownies for the afternoon snack then french fries and angus beef burger from Charlie's for dinner. 
My mom got these desserts from a bakeshop in Alabang, unfortunately she didn't know the store's name so I can't acknowledge them here and give credit for a job well done! Their banana muffin's just the best!

Black and White Stripes

Here is one look I would suggest If you're going out with friends maybe for dinner or coffee and you feel a little cold. This knitted long blouse is great for outdoor events since it's a little thick and will surely keep you warm inside. 

Top: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop| Leggings: Terranova

HANDMADE (Work of Art)

These stuff are all made by a very close friend of mine. It started out as a hobby, from making cellphone holders, coin purses, beanies and other stuff which led to becoming a small business already.She now converted into a different material and makes these lovely items:  


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Sheer tops are so IN this season, although it's a bit colder now, I guess Christmas weather got delayed for a few weeks. hahaha. Here's one style I suggest using sheer tops paired with denim shorts and leggings: 

(Bad photo.. NOTE: If you're gonna take whole body pictures, take it from a child's view. So that would be like, the photographer's kneeling down to make the model taller.)
Denim Shorts: Jewels| Leggings: Terranova| Shoes: So Fab

How to Follow through Google Friend Connect

How do you follow blogs that you read most of the time and love? There are a lot of different ways, but this is how you do it using Google Friend Connect:
See that box on the right located on my side bar just below the FOLLOW BY E-MAIL. All you have to do is click "JOIN THIS SITE", a new window will be opened showing these..(below)

So you can follow blogs through your GOOGLE, TWITTER  or YAHOO accounts. If you choose to follow a blog using your Google account you will be redirected to this: 

Of course all you have to do is sign in with your google account then you can now follow the blog..

Same goes with your Twitter and Yahoo accounts, you will be redirected to the Sign in pages:

And Voila! After you have done any of these, you can now follow your favorite blogs. You can even do all of them! hahaha. 
I just recently installed this gadget, so as you can see I only have seven members, including myself!

So after you have read this, I hope this will help you understand how complicating blogging sometimes is, and how hard it is to get readers. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEfollow me..Thank you! xoxoxoxo

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Get yours now at Lu Liam online fashion shop!!

12:51 (Official Music Video)

Cause it's 12:51 and I thought my feelings were gone..
But I'm lying on my bed, I'm not thinking of you again.
And the moon shines so bright, but I gotta dry these tears tonight,cause you're moving on and I'm not that strong to hold on.. 
Cause I'll prove you wrong that I can move on through this song..
I'm so much stronger.


I was about to meet my friends and grab some milk tea when it started to drizzle rain, good thing I have my newly received gift from a special person,a Nautica umbrella so it became part of my outfit shots at once! 

Top: Copper| Shorts: Surplus
The top I would normally wear if the weather is gloomy like this, since the fabric is a little thick, it'll keep me warm inside. You can also pair it with denim pants, leggings or tights instead of shorts.

Boots: Payless| Umbrella: Nautica
So sorry for the poor resolution of my photos since I wasn't able to adjust the settings of the camera, and I was just using a semi-SLR that time. 

Earrings: Chick Flick

Watch: S cube (SM Department Store)
You can vote for this look on Chictopia!

All you need is a facebook account, link it with Chictopia  then you’re good to go… Thanks!!

Jacket and Pants: Airwalk | Rubber Shoes: Sketchers
So my little boy was like walking around everywhere while my mom was taking these photos. So to make him part of the whole thing, I took a photo of him as well. True enough, he was already set to pose in front of the camera!<3

Such a Mama's Boy!! Remember this son, ''you can't have a girlfriend until you've graduated college!'' hahaha.

This is my cute little doggie named stitch! He was just there watching me all the time while these photos were being taken, some shots even included him. hahaha. He's so adorable even by just looking at those big, round puffy eyes, makes me remember Puss in Boots! xoxoxo