Friday, January 27, 2012


One of my fashion inspiration is 'Taylor Swift', especially when she dresses boho or bohemian-like. Yep! suits her music and her curls even her attitude, well I've been eye-ing on doing the same curls she has, but my hair hasn't grown that long enough. Another look she did that I really loved was when she wore those nerdy glasses at the 'Love Story' music video, well you that  can't erase the fact that she really has a pretty face so she still won't look geeky there. 

After the Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop photoshoot, the owner of the shop decided to treat us dinner and MILK TEA (just one of my favorites!!hahaha) which happens to be near the studio only, thank God! So for that night my peg was of course, Taylor's nerdy glasses!  

Top: Cosmopolitan Clothing (THE RAMP)| Leggings: NY Square| Necklace: Terranova

Glasses: Ray-Ban| Bangle: Vintage

My co-model's peg was 'cutesy-girl-turned-chinese' hahaha! I actually look like Japanese here, agree? KAWAIIII!! Photoshoot was a success so we had huge smiles when we were packing up. So excited with the launch!!! 
I love playing around with photos, editing them gives meaning and drama, not that I want everything to be dramatic, but it gives more LIFE to it! 

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  1. This certainly proves that girls with glasses are really lovely. Leaving that aside, those Ray-Ban glasses looks great on you.