Wednesday, March 21, 2012


March 2-our brother Kenn Dizon's birhthday!
We already had midnight plans, March 1 chill out then by 12mn we'll surprise him with the cake and balloons. But it failed.
Then we thought of having breakfast, sad truth 'I' didn't wake up early... (yes, it was my fault..hahaha!)
So we then planned a dinner surprise! Not one of us greeted him the whole day!

We first got our party hats and balloons from Party Tools, then off to Kenn's place!
We already had plans on going out with him, but we said we'll meet at around 10pm. So while on the way, we were preparing the mini cupcakes, party hats and balloons. We were also planning on what to do non-stop! "what if he comes out of the house? What if the guard tells him we're there?'' hahaha. Paranoia!!
Here's how we did the surprise:
and there he is, the birthday boy Kenn Dizon!!
He's riding his car 'coz he was about to leave!!! whew! Good thing he even saw us..hahaha.
Army Navy for dinner:
Mouthwatering burger and fries....hmm-hmm!!
Happy Birthday Kenn, none of us four girls a.k.a. ''babies'' (that's what he calls us) will ever forget your birthday. We're like a family now! I pray that this 2012, all good things will be in your favor. God bless you brother!

Thank you Kalea's for sponsoring the mini cupcakes!

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