Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wasn't a big fan of the movie Lion King when I was still a kid 'coz I thought it was suited for boys only. I didn't find Lions fun at all! But of all the shows we watched at Disneyland, this one... I would say, is the BEST. It was a great production from costumes, lights, venue, sounds, artists, etc..everything and everyone in it is amazing...


A flying ballerina, never tried that one before! hmm..
HAHAHA! This guy, totally my type. *blushing!* Ohhh.. Even Akeem had a crush on him, hahaha. He doesn't dance with this colorful costume only, mind you he was way too tall dancing with 'that thing clowns wear in carnivals to make them look tall'--ahh! Stilts. And for the record, he did fire dancing also during the show!! Feast your eyes..hahaha!
The character "SCAR'' made Ethan cover his eyes. Seriously, everytime there was a scene involving Scar, he seems like he wants to cry while covering his eyes (but still peeping..). hahaha.
And the FINALE:
By the way, I tried submitting my application to HK Disneyland before (3,4 or 5 years ago maybe)..But auditions were made there, and I didn't have the money yet. If I did, will I be dancing like this lady in my picture? hmm.. Fact: many of the dancers there are Filipino. They're ballet dancers I guess, because at that time I wanted to audition, many company dancers auditioned also, and got accepted... 
This show, there's only one word to describe it, AWESOME!


  1. OMG really? I LOVED Lion King! and that looks epic!

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  2. did? Why didn't I?:| hehehe.. They're the best!

    I'll join, thank you!<3