Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walking around CENTRAL

So I'm back! Pretty sure I'd be posting Hong Kong pictures and telling stories about my whole experience there. 
First, I wanna share how happy I was when my online orders came the day before we left for Hong Kong!!! hahaha. Good timing isn't it? I was able to bring them there and flaunt it somehow. hahahaha.
Day 2 of our escapade-we tried visiting the Central area of Hong Kong, which I'd say is a total busy place. Inspired by one of the parks we were able to pass by, I started feeling like I belong there. hahaha.

Fur coat: borrowed from a friend| Shorts: Pre-loved by Louise| Leggings: Terranova| Boots: Payless
Walking around the park with my Maris single earring! I Simply love it!<3 Of course, 'coz it's orange!
Jacket: Polo| Pants: Old Navy| Shoes: Nike
I felt like I was also wearing a flower in my ear. 
Single feathered earring: Maris Unique Pieces
Flaunting it high above the Peak, my Maris earring still stands out because of its lovely and striking color.
Well, something bad happened to this earring which I DEEPLY, MADLY, BADLY LOVE... One of the feather's gone.. I don't know what happened, I just noticed it when we got back to the Hotel room. I soooo wanna cry.. Oh well, maybe I'll get a new one. hahaha xoxoxo

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