Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here are the rest of the pictures of the parade:

Just so Ethan would enjoy every part of it, I had to carry him like this..even if it's sooo painful already. (A mother's love...)
Winnie the Pooh and the jumping bumblebees!
The Disney princesses.. how lovely and beautiful they all are! And look at the asian version of Snow White, cute isn't it? Doll-like princesses, Sleeping beauty and Belle of Beauty and the Beast, ohh I envy their job. hahaha. We didn't get a shot of Cinderella since she was facing the other side, but of course she's beautiful just like the rest.
Lion King with Timone feeling like the star of the float. hahaha.
My favorite from all the characters in the parade, Tinkerbell!! She has the best tink expressions and her movements are powerful and graceful but at the same time cute!! hahaha. If you'd notice her arms are muscular, I bet she's a great dancer, maybe ballet? Just a fact: when I was in High School, some of my friends call me tinkerbell because of one picture I had that looks like her..hihihi
and of course, Ethan's most loved characters! Woody and Jessie were walking and dancing, while Buzz Lightyear was stuck in the Float. hahaha. But he was a bit swaying also, maybe his robot body's too heavy.
Stitch grooving to the beat! (he really looks like my chiuaua, don't you think?)

Ethan bids farewell to the parade floats...
Everytime he looks at these photos, he still waves his hand and says "eloooo...'' as if he's really seeing them live! I guess he really enjoyed it and he even laughs when he see's Timone and Stitch's photos. Someday, he'll see these again, and maybe he'll remember the feeling of happiness he had when he was there.
We love you Ethan Gabriel..anything for you son! *hugs and kisses!* 

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