Monday, February 6, 2012

A Promise

I promised my friend Tin that I'll post something about her, and since I love her style also, I decided to take outfit shots of her and blog all about it. Well one thing I really admire about her is that in anything she puts on, she'd look stunningly beautiful!
She used to be shy and quiet way back then, I dunno what college life made her do,maybe she realized she has to "come out of her shell?'', because now you can't stop her from talking! hahaha. 
Tin's a great friend! She's fun and quirky! But she's true..I can say.
Here's what she wore on our Friday night road+food trip:

Hat: from Thailand| Top: Topshop

Since we didn't get a decent whole body photo of her, I just included this, sorry. 

Tins with my son Ethan

Watch: Kenneth Cole

Bangles: H&M

Somehow it resembles the outfit she wore during our garage sale! hahaha. Love you Tinsxoxoxo

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