Monday, February 6, 2012


Going out with my friends became a habit already, well we just can't help it! A day without them is so quiet and incomplete, good thing they came over my place to have their hairs coloured. hahaha. (A reason to see them again..)

Top: Copper| Flats: Solemate
I'll blog about the whole hair coloring thing tomorrow, I promise!
So after everything we did, we went out to grab what?? MILK TEA of course! hahaha.  

Ring: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Flower Bracelet: Gift from Akeem (
I noticed that I was wearing brown tones again, so I decided to give it a little colour by putting on colorful bracelets and a red ring, well it complimented the top anyway.

Bag: Copper
Sorry for giving you bad resolution of my photos lately, I've been taking shots indoor and I'm not using an SLR again this time, only a semi one. xoxoxo
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