Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I was about to meet my friends and grab some milk tea when it started to drizzle rain, good thing I have my newly received gift from a special person,a Nautica umbrella so it became part of my outfit shots at once! 

Top: Copper| Shorts: Surplus
The top I would normally wear if the weather is gloomy like this, since the fabric is a little thick, it'll keep me warm inside. You can also pair it with denim pants, leggings or tights instead of shorts.

Boots: Payless| Umbrella: Nautica
So sorry for the poor resolution of my photos since I wasn't able to adjust the settings of the camera, and I was just using a semi-SLR that time. 

Earrings: Chick Flick

Watch: S cube (SM Department Store)
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Jacket and Pants: Airwalk | Rubber Shoes: Sketchers
So my little boy was like walking around everywhere while my mom was taking these photos. So to make him part of the whole thing, I took a photo of him as well. True enough, he was already set to pose in front of the camera!<3

Such a Mama's Boy!! Remember this son, ''you can't have a girlfriend until you've graduated college!'' hahaha.

This is my cute little doggie named stitch! He was just there watching me all the time while these photos were being taken, some shots even included him. hahaha. He's so adorable even by just looking at those big, round puffy eyes, makes me remember Puss in Boots! xoxoxo

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