Friday, February 3, 2012


These are some of the yummiest foods I ever had, and take note I just had them yesterday. Banana muffin with chocolte chips and brownies for the afternoon snack then french fries and angus beef burger from Charlie's for dinner. 
My mom got these desserts from a bakeshop in Alabang, unfortunately she didn't know the store's name so I can't acknowledge them here and give credit for a job well done! Their banana muffin's just the best!

So me and my best friends/sisters went to eat at Charlie's again, it's located at 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City
Contact: +632 635-4857

Simply the best burger I ever had! Army Navy's just 2nd on my list, and Johnny Rockets' 3rd...

Of course, our day wouldn't be complete without bon appetea's milk tea. hahahaMilk tea addicts! My new favorite-Taro with salted whipped cream! (not the photo below)

I love eating, but for someone like me who has the tendencyof getting big if eating isn't controlled, I gotta really limit it. hahaha. I hope you all loved these pictures, although I was the one who enjoyed eating them. xoxoxo

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