Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Walking By

One of my ''wildest dreams'' is become a part of the Philippine Fashion Week, well I know it can't happen because I lack in height so I'll just express my walking skills through this photo. hahaha. (Imagining the studio's a runway...)

Jumpsuit: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop| Clogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Jumpsuit: Lu Liam Online Fashion ShopClogs: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Gold Bangle: Vintage| Bangles: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Necklace: Terranova

It's fun to be a model but not feel like you're doing it as a job. For me posing in front of the camera is an art, just like drawing and other artsy stuff, you can express how you feel through it. If you feel like laughing out loud, then do it. Let the camera take snapshots of your HAPPY moments. 

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with co-model Louise (louiselaqui.tumblr.com)