Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HEART OF GOLD (blogged)

Okay, these pictures have been in my laptop for quite some time now and I forgot to blog about them! These photos were taken two weeks ago! hahaha. How can I forget blogging about this nice dress???

I really like the color of the skirt part of this dress, eye catching! And the GOLDEN HEART, just makes it stand out more. I wore this during the inauguration of Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop also, click here to read more about my post.
Dress: Petit Monde| Belt: Terranova

Assorted Bracelets: My Mom's property!

Shoes: Janeo 

Unfotunately, Lookbook.nu removed my post with this dress, I didn't know that one should upload up to 3 photos per set only, I uploaded 4 photos. teehee!
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