Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm not a big fan of pink stuff, I think it's too girly for me although I did like it when I was younger, who didn't? I bet almost all moms painted their daughter's rooms pink and accessorized it with pink bed sheets, pink stuffed toys, pinkEVERYTHING! My mom almost did! (besides putting Hello Kitty stuff all over, which I didn't adore..hahaha) I did love Barbie though, you can throw away all my other toys just leave me and my Barbie stuff together. You'd even see me playing alone with them, building them their house then talking and making dialogues for each Barbie. Crazy things I did when I was still a kid! hahaha.

For this look, my inspiration in styling myself was obviously Barbie. 

Pink Dress: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop| Shoes: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop

Pearl Necklace: SM Accessories

Pouch: Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop
grrrr! PINK-ness all over. I hope it doesn't annoy you while reading this post. 
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