Saturday, January 28, 2012

Can't Stop Staring at My Little Boy

Look at how curious one kid can be, he even saw the ants crawling in the grass, as in literally they're under the grass already and Ethan was like "WOOOOOW!" hahaha. Cutest thing ever!!!:3

At a young age, he already knows how to project in front of the camera, good job son! 

He's a total carbon copy of his Dad, so I'm beginning to have doubts that he's really my son. hahaha. I think, AKEEM was the one who gave birth to Ethan, I feel left out when the three of us are together. His eyes, nose, lips..Almost ALL of his attrubutes came from his Dad!!! What he got from me? shape of his fingernails and toenailshahaha. 

By the way, the dog's name is STITCH, he's mine (I think..) I gave him his name and he used to sleep in my bed. Take note, "he used to.." but now of course he can't anymore because we have Ethan with us, he can't even enter my room. (awww..)


  1. He is so sweet! I love the one shoe on and one shoe off. My daughter would be smitten with him! Great post!


    1. Thank you! Some of the grass went inside his shoe, he didn't wanna wear it again!:)