Friday, January 27, 2012

I'll Rock Your World

This is another look I created using some of the clothes found in our GARAGE SALE!Although what we are selling here is only the top which has the "Rockstar Goddess" writings and the vest.
You can also view the album which has all the items we are selling by clicking here!

Matched the look with rocking curls!!! And a beaded bracelet.

You can also have a rockstar look with an updo, to create that messy look!!
Of course, nothing will ever compare to a rocking pair of black boots!
Going around the city wearing this would look a little awkward, but if you've got great confidence on youself, why not? Besides, whatever you wear and whatever style you make, reflects your mood for the day. So if you feel like a "rockstar chic", go for something wild and of course always with the touch of BLACK!!hahahaha.
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