Friday, January 27, 2012


January 2, 2012 was a special day for my cousin, her most awaited WEDDING DAY!<3 (Just typing those words made me blush..hahaha.) What made it extra special for me was that they had the wedding scheduled in the afternoon, and reception was done at dinner time. Well it's a good thing since I didn't have to worry about how hot the weather would be. hahaha.
The Wedding rites was done at Paco Park, Manila where my parents were also married!! Great isn't it? It was a solemn place, and had a really small chapel so only a few close friends and relatives were able to witness.
Here's what I wore:

Dress: People are People| Bangle: Vintage| Ring: Chick Flick
What's even more interesting was that my cousin came in this Vintage Wedding Car:

And there she is, the most beautiful bride I've ever seen:

Seriously, I was a little jealous because what I've wanted to happen in my OWN wedding, I saw it here. The vintage car, the laced wedding dress, the vintage setting of the reception..etc. hahaha. But I'm really glad, because this is the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to.
So after the reception, They had a Mobile Bar, wherein you can get cocktails and wines unlimited! (but just so you know, I don't drink! So i didn't get to taste any of these!)

Surprise!! The BEST part of my lovely dress, it's low-back! hahaha.

Of course, I'll keep on boasting about how great my NYX soft matte lip cream is. It's just the best! I just love its PINKness!!

Over all, it was a great night!! Who would be sad after a wedding celebration anyway? I wonder when would I be having my own? hahaha. xoxoxoxo
Photo Credits:
I would also like to acknowledge the good job Rockinduo did, they really had great shots and video coverage of the wedding. I'll post the official wedding video as soon as they have released it. 

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