Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Home!

So I didn't realize I've been blogging for a couple of months now, 2 and a half perhaps? I'd say it's not easy to come up with ideas from time to time to be posted, but sometimes, there are just too many of them I don't know how to start writing it down. Just so everyone knows, the blogger who inspires me the most isCamille Co, who wouldn't be? She has everything a blogger needs to come up with a good blog! Her outfit shots, great face, great hair, she gets to travel and shop anywhere, she just knows how to make every blog post work. 
I asked her once: 

I agree with you there Camille! "INVEST TIME and EFFORT", for a busy person like her who still gets to write great posts is completely awesome. That's one thing I really admire about her and all bloggers out there, 'coz they make sure their blog posts are always updated. Thank you for this reply to my tweet, it allowed me to see your hard work and made me realize that I still have to invest more and more and more time and effort with my blog. xoxoxo
So for a NEW HOME, I just created a new blog!
 It's great news for me, but a challenge as well, maintaining two blogs. That's all for now! xoxoxo


  1. Hi ate! Welcome to the world of blogspot! :p Followed you via GFC already. xx

    1. yey! thanks Vinaaa!:) hihihi..glad to have you as a tutor!:)