Friday, January 27, 2012


Another outfit mix and match I did using clothes from the GARAGE SALE we had! We are still selling the dress, bolero and the necklace.
You can also view the album which has all the items we are selling by clicking here!

It's so funny how bad my nails look like! hahahaha.

Let's give it a little twirl! hahaha. I love this dress because it really has that vintage look because of the pattern and it's color. I believe my hair color also compliments the over-all look. For those of you who are curious and haven't read my previous blog posts, I colored my own hair! Read here.

Bag: Liz Claiborne
For those who have been reading my blog entries, I sincerely thank you, from the "bottomest" bottom of my small heart! I know I'm just starting in this blogging world, but I find it heart warming when I get to see that my posts has been viewed.. I'll try my very best to improve in any way possible! Now I know how bloggers feel everytime they write a simple part of their every day life.. *ciao!* xoxoxo
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