Saturday, January 28, 2012


I guess this is already a good time to blog about the new collection of Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop. One thing why I really put an effort about advertising this online shop is that because I also did a lot of job besides modelling their clothes. But what I liked about my work there is that I felt like I became a stylist for a day. Yeah! We styled our own, grabbing clothes here and there, then shoes, then accessories and a bag then that's the time we had our photo taken. I was also able to style my co-models who had trouble in choosing the right stuff. hahaha. It wasn't easy, especially when you're in front of so many clothes and you have to find a way to somehow mix and match them ALL.  

All the stuff I'm wearing in this photo are from Lu Liam Online Fashion Shop except for the denim shorts. For the direct link to the album's photo, click here!

See the bangles with a feather on it? Lovely isn't it? I already got one! hahaha. 
It may look like an ordinary casual outfit, but accessorizing it with those earrings and necklace made it classy, plus the pink shoesies.
 Please buy those earrings or else I will! I have great love for earrings, especially big ones and if only they allowed me to have this one, I wouldn't say no of course! hahaha.
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